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Nothing on this web site should be construed as a solicitation, offer, or recommendation, to acquire any interest in a private mortgage or private mortgage fund or to engage in any other transaction.  Such an offer will only be made in connection with the delivery of either 1) a confidential memorandum regarding a single note and mortgage that are for sale to anyone since money will not be pooled with others and you will become the note holder; or 2) upon the delivery of a confidential private placement memorandum, which will be made available only to pre-qualified persons upon their request; or 3) you will purchase a note along with a Trust Deed from our list of Trust Deeds.  For a person to be pre-qualified they must be an accredited investor/Trust Deed purchasers, and meet certain securities’ requirements.  It would be recorded in the vesting that you choose.

A private mortgage investor/Trust Deed purchaser will be subject to the risks inherent in making mortgage loans including, without limitation, (a) the borrower may default, requiring that the mortgage investor/Trust Deed purchaser foreclose on the underlying property to protect the value of its mortgage loan, (b) the borrower may not be able to make a lump sum principal payment due under a mortgage loan at the end of the loan term, unless it can refinance the mortgage loan or (c) if interest rates are volatile during the loan period, a private mortgage fund’s variable-rate mortgage loans could have lower yields. Since private mortgage loans are sometimes non-recourse, a private mortgage fund must rely solely on the value of a property for its security. In addition, mezzanine loans will be subject to the prior rights of mortgage holders and creditors of the corporate entity owning the applicable property. Second and/or Wraparound mortgages will be subject to the prior rights of first mortgage holders. Generally, the larger the mortgage loan compared to the value of the property securing it, the greater the loan’s risk. Upon default and following foreclosure, a private mortgage fund may not be able to sell the property for its estimated or appraised value. Also, certain liens on the property, such as first mortgages, taxes and contractor or mechanic’s or tax liens, may have priority over a private mortgage fund’s security interest. In such cases the Lender may be required to pay the holders of such liens to protect its security interest and investment.
We cannot forecast with certainty the size of any return, and investor/Trust Deed purchasers may experience declines in the value of their private mortgage fund investment. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future performance of an investment. Information presented on this site has been obtained from sources and vendors that Home & Real Estate Services
believes to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Prospective investor/Trust Deed purchasers should be aware that such information is subject to change without notice. Additional information is available by contacting our customer relations department.

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